TMT Finance Africa event to be held in Africa

TMT Finance Africa event to be held in Africa

Conference presentation TMT Finance Africa Lagos 2016: issues, what, when and why.

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On September 20th, 2016 the first TMT Finance Africa event will be held in Lagos, Nigeria. The previous six annual events have been held in London, however by partnering with Standard Bank and IHS Towers, the largest mobile infrastructure provider in Africa, TMT Finance has been able to bring the event to Africa for the first time.

The event is focused on African industry and finance, bringing together a number of significant representatives from local and international investors and financiers, as well as important decision makers from tech, telecoms and media companies.

Event highlights

There are 8 key areas of discussion scheduled for inclusion, these are:

1. TMT growth strategies
2. Infrastructure investments
3. Media and convergence
4. The future of TMT and planned innovations
5. Mergers and acquisitions and financing
6. Risks and regulations
7. Cloud and data centers
8. Broadband and beyond

There will be 5 networking sessions, leadership panel debates and keynote visionary presentations, and also 10 more intimate peer to peer interactive sessions, the outcomes of which will later be discussed with the main audience.

The keynote speakers include the CEO of IHS Towers, Issam Darwish, the CEO of Airtel Nigeria, Segun Ogunsanya, the CEO and founder of MainOne, Funke Opeke and a VP from the MTN Group, Karl Olutokun Toriola. There will also be a number of top executives from Jumiah, IFC and Standard Bank.

An exciting future for Africa

Africa is currently experiencing a period of accelerated innovation, investment and mergers and acquisitions, with Nigeria, particularly Lagos considered by many as the hub for this accelerated growth in the fields of investment and technological innovation.

Nina Triantis, the Global Head of TMT at Standard Bank said, “Investment and M&A in TMT continues to be especially active in Africa, with many companies across the continent considering strategic options, growth along diverse verticals, private debt and equity financing rounds, M&A, and public listings,”. “The debt markets continue to be supportive for the right companies in Africa, despite macro challenges in many African countries as well as global uncertainty, though the funding currency and medium will inevitably reflect these challenges,”.


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