The new generation of tech-entrepreneurs in Morocco

The new generation of tech-entrepreneurs in Morocco

Yasmine EL Baggari: Portait of a Top Tech-Entrepreneur in Morocco

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Yasmine EL Baggari: Portait of a Top Tech-Entrepreneur in Morocco with an exclusive focus on peace

The use of internet has grown wide with billions of subscribers all over the world today, but one fascinating fact is how connected we all are, in just few seconds, we can get connected through Skype or Facebook. Yasmine El Baggari has commenced Voyaj, an online platform that connects travelers and hosts all over the world to promote cultural exchange.

Voyaj in a few words

Voyaj connects people from different parts the world and allows its users to widen global understanding of local community.

Voyaj is also a platform that encourages meaningful exchanges and help create strong relationships among like-minded people open toward their external environment. Ties amomng users are solely based on common interest and values about different cultures all over the world.

Voyaj connects tourist and host that would love to share their real expertises. With Voyaj, participants can create an account and post their videos on the site describing what they will love to provide for their prospective hosts.

This platform will create mutual connections and promote different cultural beliefs.

The sole aim of Yasmine El Baggari is to interconnect different people all over the world to learn about each other’s cultural beliefs and values. To establish her project, she visited over fifty different countries; and was welcomed into seventy five homes. Pursuant to these visits, Yasmine discovered how to learn and appreciate the differences that exist between herself and her hosts.

Empowering Africa

In 2014, Yasmine took thirty teenagers from 22 African countries with good insights and perception from their individual country. These teens were brought to San Diego to be part of the Inaugural Empowering Africa through Youth Leadership program. This empowerment program is a 10-day initiative and it was launched by Voyaj and the Korponai Kids Foundation.

Inaugural Empowering Africa through Youth Leadership program was backed by different organizations including Akon Lighting Africa and Royal Air Maroc. These teens received scholarships to attend a seminar anchored by Anthony Robbins and they were also engaged when it comes to cultural exchange which is the sole aim of Voyaj, connecting cultures in persons through short home stays.

Global recognition from the highest instances

Yasmine has conducted many researches at Harvard University and also worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She also,was selected as a Moroccan Ambassador at the U.S State Department. Then, Yasmine El Baggari, presented her research works in different conferences which was pioneered by the Middle Eastern Studies Association and recently at the World Economic Forum. The essence of her research has been published in mainstream medias such as Forbes.

Yasmine El Barrage has received lots of award from the African Studies Association and Hampshire College’s Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Recently, she was given a special invitation to the White House as one of the 100 most influential Travel bloggers; she sat on a panel with Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States of America.

One goal : change the world positively

These accomplishments are well deserved for a young veteran whose aim is to change the world positively. Yasmine is a college senior and at the age of 22, she has been a global leader with a powerful drive and passion for peace.

She started and explore her potentials at the age of 15, by 17, she was chosen by the State Department to receive a scholarship as a Moroccan Ambassador, these program was created to bring students from the Arab world to the U.S following the 9/11 incident : “I had a wonderful experience and I was enlightened and I have decided that I will share my experience with fellow individuals who are open minded”.

Now she says “my dream has evolved and has provided lots of experience for others to be inspired via one-on-one interactions and to promote the different cultural believes and generosity. Above all, what is vital is promoting peace and relationship among people”


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