The focus on renewable clean energy grows across Africa

The focus on renewable clean energy grows across Africa

Clean Energy Summit - The focus on renewable clean energy continues to grow across Africa

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A number of Clean Energy Summit’s take place across not only Africa but the world every year. The event this year in Accra, Ghana is for the first time incorporating the annual Solar and Off-grid Renewables West Africa conference, which itself is in its third year.


The incorporation of the Solar and Off-grid Renewables West Africa conference in this year’s Clean Energy Summit, means that solar is not only at the core of the event but that the event will also be attended by a number of key representatives from a substantial number of investors, financiers and innovators involved in the fast-growing solar industry from across Africa and the world. This includes the operators of micro-grids as well as the producers of most significant amounts of energy who supply the larger energy users across the continent.


The event is being attended not only by a number of key players from both small and large businesses from the fields of renewable energy, but also and very importantly, by numerous Government representatives. By ensuring that the event is attended by those capable of actually creating policies means that the event can truly be a deal-making platform.


Increasing access to different types of low carbon energy across Africa


Whilst solar power and its associated projects, both large and small are at the heart of the event this year, it is not the only type of low carbon energy being represented and discussed.Large scale wind power projects, along with water, biomass and other hybrid options are also forming part of the summit. In addition to the discussions surrounding all the different types of clean energy, the energy efficiency of both appliances and storage is also being discussed along with improvements of metering and supply.


Whilst numerous keynote speakers, including a number of CEO’s from renewable energy businesses from outside of Africa as well as from within, will ensure the speeches are both educational and relevant, breakout sessions attended by government representatives will also form a significant part of the event, ensuring that the outline of actual future policies can be both created and debated.


The success of previous events is very evident from some of the testimonials, including from Fatima Ademoh, a project manager at Ajima Farms who said, “The conference provided a great platform to learn and network with industry players in the West African Solar & Off-Grid Renewable industry, plus the conference has helped my business in developing key strategic partnerships.”


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