South Africa will export its independent production of renewable energy program

South Africa will export its independent production of renewable energy program

11 African countries plan to follow South Africa’s renewable energy program

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At the recent Africa Renewable Energy Forum held in Marrakech, Morocco, the energy ministers from all African nations as well as major investors, technology providers, financiers and power developers discussed how to deliver a sustainable energy development plan, that would ensure that all climate change targets would be met within the agreed timescales.

The event hosted by EnergyNet Ltd and in partnership with the Institute of Research in Solar Energy, New Energies and Global Nexus, focused entirely on the development of renewable energy projects in Africa, in order to ensure all the commitments made as part of the Paris agreement are fully delivered.

Strategic goals

One of the primary goals is to ensure that all of the continents natural resources and environmental assets are both further developed and enhanced, as well as protected. South Africa is very much leading the charge for the continent, in fact they have committed that by 2025 they will have significantly reduced their CO2 emission. The National Development Plan has also stated that they are confident that by 2030 at least 95% of South Africa’s population will have access to either off-grid or on grid electricity. This will be achieved by increasing electricity production in the country, by maximizing renewable alternatives such as wind, hydro-electric and solar power resources.

South Africa’s IPP Renewable Energy program

The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Independent Power Producer (IPP) in South Africa are currently putting plans in place, following the significant success of the work they have done within the renewable energy sector, to export its independent renewable energy program to an additional 11 African countries. This will require significant investments to be made by leading banks, and will also include the use of private sector developers, in order to ensure the successful exportation of the energy program to the 11 countries concerned.

The Group Director from EnergyNet said the following during the recent forum, “We’ve held some fantastic meetings in the past with the best developers, investors and the most proactive governments, but this meeting is something else, the level of investor and the joined up thinking of multi-governments is extraordinary. From our conversations, it’s clearly all about building the right partnerships so that when the deals are done they’re with proven and bankable partners using the best technology and investment tools – we’re very excited!”.

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