How do New Technologies boost the economy of Kenya

How do New Technologies boost the economy of Kenya

ICT provide tools to stabilize and support GDP growth of most prominent african countries.

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Emerging Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have a strong impact on many African countries. For their most part, they provide tools to stabilize and support GDP growth of most prominent african countries. However For the emerging economies of the african continent, ICT have provided the most efficient mean to fuel their growth .

With declining revenues in the agricultural sector, countries such as Kenya have been unable to sustain their economies by farming alone. With severe droughts in the past, which are forecasted to last for quite a few years, Kenya’s revenues from the agricultural sector will be stagnant if not lower. The country needed a new dimension and scope for revenue generation and ICT was the solution.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector significantly contributes towards economic stability and growth in Kenya. The impact of ICT on Kenya’s poverty reduction and economic stability is phenomenal and holds a promising future for the country in ICT revenue generation. Here are some major industries in Kenya influenced by ICT development

Health Care Industry


ICT have strong impact on Health Care in Kenya

ICT are widely used in the health care industry for providing health tips and increasing accessibility of quality healthcare to the public. The use of technology is particularly helpful in delivering quality healthcare to remote and rural areas, which lack an established wired communications network. ICT is also used to distribute medical supplies and encourage the public to attend health camps for regular checkups.

Educational Sector



The use of ICT in the educational sector has made it easier to deploy educational services to students in remote areas. Since the country has low urbanization rates, access to quality education is limited to city areas. By using Information Technology (IT), Kenya’s educational sector is now accessible by its rural population.

Agriculture Industry

ICT aids Kenya’s struggling agricultural sector. Technology is widely used in the country’s agriculture industry to monitor distribution of fertilizers and educate farmers to maximize their yields. ICT also allows farmers to identify potential marketplaces in the vicinity.

Financial Sector

The Rise of financial services in Kenya

The Rise of financial services in Kenya

Kenya’s financial sector is greatly influenced by the development of ICT. Development of mobile technology has increased subscriptions and mobile penetration rates in the country. With a mobile penetration rate of more than 88%, mobile subscriptions have reached around 38 million. The widespread use of mobile technology is partially due to introduction of M-Pesa, which is a low-cost money transfer service. M-Pesa is widely adapted in the region and helps the country lower its poverty rates by creating multiple job opportunities.



ICT has empowered the economy of  Kenya significantly, increasing the country’s GDP by a 25 %, while facilitating the development of its agricultural, financial, educational and health-care sector. ICT has become the main engine, driving Kenya’s economic growth.


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