Innovative Startups in Cameroon : DroneAfrica

Innovative Startups in Cameroon : DroneAfrica

William Ndja Elong, founder of DroneAfrica is a 24 years old young man and an emerging talent from Cameroon.

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Africa has the world’s fastest growing and youngest population. In fact, the continent is abode to over 200 million youngsters between the ages of 15 and 24, and the youth is increasingly well-educated. The growing number of talented, young, skilled people is significantly reflected in a wave of entrepreneurship, transforming economies across Africa.


According to a blog published by Forbes, the famous American Magazine, William Elong, was among Africa’s 30 most promising young entrepreneurs under 30 for 2016. He was the only Cameroonian entrepreneur whose name was featured among those top most 30 talents of Africa with 7th position in the list.

William Elong

William Elong

William Elong

William Ndja Elong is a 24 years old young man and an emerging talent from Cameroon. He graduated with a degree of bachelor’s in business at 18. He is the youngest graduate of the Economic War School of Paris, by getting an MBA in Strategy and Competitive Intelligence at the age of 20.


With specialization in economic intelligence and technology innovation, he ran a drone business. He began with little more than a PowerPoint presentation at 23, supported by his previous experience with Defense and IT leaders around the globe including Oracle, Thales, and Nexter. Consequently, he founded Will & Brothers in 2015, which is an IT innovative and competitive intelligence startup.

Drone Africa


Will & Brothers’ main project is known as Drone Africa, that offers ‘the very first civilian drone service’ in Cameroon and promotes civil drones as a business service application and civil defense tools in the country

Drone in Africa

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against terrorism. However, the drones are also used in agriculture, mapping, tourism and media coverage. Earlier he employed four people and had a dozen drones. Now, he aims to raise funds in order to become the first manufacturer of quad copter type drones.


The unnamed aerial vehicles feature a high definition miniaturized camera and four propellers, enabling them to fly at an altitude of 500 meters. The device can be remotely controlled to capture photos and videos with a range of 20-25 minutes in Cameroon. According to Will & Brothers’ official website, soon we will be able to download its mobile application on the Play Store and have a new exciting look on Africa.

Will & Brothers

Will & Brothers, a Cameroonian startup, works in various fields from technology innovation and cyber security to business strategy and competitive intelligence. The startup aims to build a team able to improve the life of Africans with a newly unique approach to business, where technology and intelligence are a central aspect of the top management decision process. They make the most of the open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques to deliver a critical analysis of reality. They provide zero-day and forensic solutions to government and security agencies only.


Kemi Store is an online platform, owned by Elong, which allows Cameroonians to place orders on any online store with simply a single copy and paste of the products’ link and receive their product within two weeks via DHL shipping. TEKI VR is their new project expected to be launched as a new startup and the first one concentrated only on Virtual Reality. As a startup, Will & Brothers are open to your investment.

We should consider this burst of energy and innovation combined in such a new breed of entrepreneurs that populate Cameroon, as the real premises of what Cameroon is about to become at the dawn of this new century : a leading economy in Western Africa holding promises and bright economic future among the major nations of the continent. Regardless of all the social turmoil Cameroon is currently undergoing, we can already praise the solid technological environment the Regime has managed to implement over the years that places the country among the most innovative nations of Africa.


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