Cameroon 2018: Who Are the Most Serious Contenders to the Race

Cameroon 2018: Who Are the Most Serious Contenders to the Race

The coming elections however, providing the current social climate and economic concerns will definitely have to adress the serious changes needed for the development of the country.

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The coming presidential elections of 2018 in Cameroon, will promise a lot of unexpected chaos as the number of candidates for the President’s Title is already reaching new records.

A wide and diversified panel of contenders

As of today, 15 month before the ballot, we already can identify 10 Cameroonians candidates who have declared to be willing to challenge President Biya, the candidate of the ruling CPDM party.

President Paul Biya

President Paul Biya

But, the concern is who can give a tough competition to The elected President in place for Over 34 years. Regardless the fact that PresidentPaul Biya has already a huge number of supporters, which make him a strong contender, we have still managed to identify few candidates who would be strongly eligible for the presidency.

As of June 2017 : A well defined Shortlist has emerged

Among the most experienced and the most serious candidates, we hereby present you a first shortlist out of which may emerge the future leader of Cameroon.

  1. Jean de Dieu Momo

Momo is a natural born political leader and has received serious amount of voters support during previous presidential elections. However, whatever the enthusiasm he carries during his actual campaign, he seems to have considered already that Elected Président Biya may eventually win the elections for a 8th term. Yet he believes that his current racing will establish a stronger anchor for his candidacy in future elctions among his prospective voters, which will provide him with a serious chance for the Presidency in 2025.

  1. Jean Blaise Ngwet

Mr. Ngwet, a well established Entrepreneur and succesfull businessman in Cameroon holds a very precise sense of voter’s expectations due to his professional career. His profession help him relate to their daily problems, and provides him with a strong definitions of his voter’s expectations. In terms of political experience, He is also the President of the Patriotic Movement for Change, which provides him with an accute expertise in terms of political manœuvres.


  1. Corentin Talla

Dr. Talla is a US resident also known as the “General Schwarzkopf”.  Corentin talla was also the co- founder of the “ Le Parlement”of the University of Yaounde” in the 90s,  after which he left Cameroon and settled in the US, becoming a dissident from the regime in place.

Talla declared to be a deserving candidate in the Elections for Presidency 2018.  This man’s educational expertise combined with the political exposure makes him an eligible candidate for the Cameron Presidency. The majority of his voters are expected to be his students, who look up to him in a hope that he is capable of improving the current stature of Cameroon economy.


  1. Cabral Libii Li Ngué,

Cabral who is a both journalist and a lawyer by profession has been selected as a natural contender after his vocal critics of the investigation report requested by the Government on the events of October 2016 and published recently. His critics have gathered the natural support of a large fringe of the young population of Cameroon and originated a serious social turmoil all over the country. His chances in 2018 are serious provided he adresses with a serious attention the major complains and expectations of the young demographics segment of cameroonian population, both francophons and anglophons.


  1. Garga Haman Adji

Garga Haman Adiji was the first one to openly declare his candidacy for the Presidential ballot of 2018. After serving Cameroon as a Minister he is currently serving as the President of a minor political party named “Alliance for Democracy and Development. Garga Adiji wishes to implement his expertise as a political servant in the improvement of Cameroon’s economy.

  1. Professor Penn Muluh George

Muluh remains at this stage the most promising contender so far. His confidence and motication to take charge of Cameron like his own child is like no other candidate. His speeches have an affirmative approach towards working for the development of the economy both domestically and internationally with also a serious focus on fighting ever present corruption practices in Cameroon. To this day, Professor Penn Muluh seems to constitute a tough and serious competitor to elected President Paul Biya.


The recent changes in the Constitution of Cameroon have permitted the emergence of numerous non listed political parties to come up front with a presidential candidate. We may argue as to whether such an outcome will serve the democratic process in Cameroon. In the past, we did notice that the already too important number of presidential candidate only prevented the emergence of a serious challenger to the President in place.

The coming elections however, providing the current social climate and economic concerns will definitely have to adresse the serious changes needed for the development of the country.


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