An Economist at the Head of Mining and Geology of Guinea

An Economist at the Head of Mining and Geology of Guinea

Exciting new ministerial appointments in the Guinean government: Abdoulaye Magassouba is one of six experienced and skilled individuals to have been appointed as new ministers in the Guinean government.

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Exciting new ministerial appointments in the Guinean government


Abdoulaye Massouba is one of six experienced and skilled individuals to have been appointed as new ministers in the Guinean government. They are all in their thirties and forties with proven abilities to deliver results. Their appointments are seen by many as a true indication from both President Alpha Condé and his government, that they are commitment to accelerating the countries development opportunities and job prospects, in turn kick-starting economic recovery and growth in a country still recovering from the recent Ebola epidemic which claimed the lives of over 2,500 people.

Guinea is a Republic in West Africa with a population of 10.5 million. Its economy is almost entirely dependent on mineral production and agriculture. They have large deposits of diamonds and gold, and are the world’s second largest producer of bauxite, an aluminum ore. They have however recently been losing investors as a result of both the Ebola outbreak, and the recent collapse of commodity prices.

Early life

Abdoulaye Magassouba was born in 1976 in Macenta, Guinea. He received the majority of his education in Guinea, gaining two Bachelor of Art degrees in 1994 and 1995. He then went onto achieve a higher diploma in Financial management from the School of Commerce in Morocco in 2000.


Before joining the Office of the President of the Republic of Guinea, Abdoulaye was a consultant for a number of companies in both the public and private sector, including the African Development Bank, UNAIDS and International Expertise France. He worked with them to ensure the successful implementation of a number of major projects, whilst at the same time establishing an effective auditing structure for all projects. He specialized in the fields of mining, energy, telecommunications, insurance, trade, industry and micro-finance.

Prior to his recent promotion to the position of Minister of Mines and Geology, Abdoulaye Magassouba held the position of advisor for Major Investment Projects to the President. Before that he worked in the Bureau of Monitoring and Support, where he focused on priority projects specifically those involving mining, agriculture and energy. He was very involved in the important projects concerning the countries relaunch of its bauxite sector, which included a significant number of international investors and developments partners.


In January 2016 Abdoulaye Magassouba clearly laid out what he intended to achieve whilst holding the position of Minister of Mines and Geology. His stated that his primary focus was to ensure that Guinea finally succeeded in its attempts to successfully process raw materials locally. He made it very clear that he knew this would not be possible without bringing in both investors and specialists from outside the country to support the local expertise. He said “To attract investment in a global context of competitiveness between countries, we need the public sector actors deliver quality service exclusively motivated by the common interest. To take full advantage of current and future opportunities, it is necessary to implement robust and coordinated government policies that will enable the development of the sector which is the anchor to facilitate economic diversification of our country.”

He summarized this speech by saying that there are three rules that absolutely must be adhered to in order to ensure success; good governance, transparency and performance. He then added “I will invest all my strength to my determination to achieve this with you.”

In 2014, Natural Resource Governance institute interviewed Massouba on the developments in Guinea mining sector:


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