Afrikonomics was created with the ambition to provide a comprehensive insight of the African economy. Our writers – freelance, university teachers, students, businessmen – share a passion : To believe in the growth of the black continent, and to observe its evolution on a day-to-day basis.

Afrikonomics was launched by Dr. Cisse. After he obtained a PhD in economics, Dr. Cisse worked 10 years for a leader in the mining industry. It gave him the opportunity to travel all around Africa and the Middle East. Dr Cisse settled down as an independent commodities consultant in 2005, and created Afrikonomics in 2015.

Our beliefs :

  • Don’t be naive with major news outlets
  • Read between the lines
  • Africa is the world’s next superpower, deal with it
  • Knowledge is everything

Thank you for reading Afrikonomics. Please contact us if you have any feedbacks. We also keep our Twitter account active and interesting, so follow us !


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