East Africa embraces new construction technology

East Africa embraces new construction technology

Exciting prospects for East Africa’s construction industry as they embrace new technologies and advanced building materials.

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Eastern Africa is comprised of 20 different territories however the term East Africa is often used in reference to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The regions construction sector is currently relatively underdeveloped when compared to other regions and countries around the world, however many parts of East Africa are currently seeing significant economic growth and as a result quickly becoming an area with very strong growth ambitions in a number of different sectors, including the construction industry.

Embracing new construction technology

Whilst still in its infancy the construction industry in East Africa has already embraced a number of new technologies that are already changing the way they construct large structures and buildings.

These new technologies and techniques, such as prefabricated technologies, are helping to both keep control of construction costs and significantly reduce project timelines. In Kenya, ready-made light weight steel structures are now being pre-produced in factories before being moved to the building site where they are then being very quickly erected.

The new technologies being introduced are not just changing how buildings are now being constructed but also what materials are being used, as well as what technologies are being built into the actual design of the building.

Strong, smart and sustainable materials are expected to be introduced throughout the industry in the near future, as well as a number of other new energy technologies, 3D printing, GPS, wireless, drones and Building Information Modelling (BIM). All of these new construction technologies are expected to transform the industry in coming years.

The education of industry professionals: a priority

These technological advancements require similar advancements in the education of the professionals working in the construction industry, this has to date been too slow and has as a result put continued progress at risk. At “The Big 5 Construct East Africa Construction Event” held in November 2016 at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Kenya, a number of free technology in construction workshops took place in an attempt to bring the industry professionals up-to-speed with the new techniques and technologies, and in turn plug any of the existing knowledge gaps.

New construction techniques and materials to prevent a repeat of the structural defects

During a recent audit in Nairobi, Kenya, a significant number of structural defects were identified which could lead to building collapses. The issues identified have be blamed in part to some of the existing traditional construction methods. The new technologies and materials, including ready-mix concrete, being introduced in Kenya and across other parts of East Africa are expected to eliminate these types of issues in the future, ensuring that the multi-million-dollar construction industry can not only meet the demands of the region’s growing economies, but can also meet its full potential in coming years.

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