Web4Africa launchs the service of the best-connected data center, Rack Centre

Web4Africa launchs the service of the best-connected data center, Rack Centre

Customers will benefit from the launch of Web4Africa services at Rack Centre

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Who are Rack Centre and Web4Africa?

Rack Centre is owned by a Nigerian conglomerate established over 40 years ago, it is a data center offering state of the art colocation services to its clients

web4africaWeb4Africa is West Africa’s leading e-commerce and pan-African web hosting services provider. Since its creation in 2002 it has been dedicated to delivering affordable web solutions to all their clients, ensuring that they are all able to have a viable and effective web presence.

Web4Africa take advantage of Rack Centre’s direct connections to undersea cables

Rack Centre is based in Lagos, Nigeria and is fully connected to all the undersea cables providing services across the South Atlantic Coast of Africa. Web4Africa has recently launched its services at Rack Centre and by linking up with Rack Centre, the best-connected data center in the whole of West Africa, Web4Africa are ensuring that it can maintain its position as the leading web services provider in West Africa.

When asked about the launch of these new services at Rack Centre, Oluniyi Ajao, Web4Africa’s Managing Director said, “Rack Centre has provided a cost-effective carrier-neutral environment with 100% uptime since launch and the hosting of the Internet Point of Nigeria at Rack Centre which allows several internet service providers and network operators to exchange traffic making it a perfect location for our West African network point-of-presence”.

Pictures : hivelocity.net / linkedin.com / ixp.net.ng